Handmade Living Room Lamps

Amish Oak & Cherry offers a great selection of handmade living room furniture for your home! Browse through our gallery of living room lamps to find the perfect piece for your home! Our craftsmen have a high attention to detail and prioritize quality in all of their work! Contact us to find out how you can customize your furniture the way you want it!

Living Room Lamps

128924 Mission Table Lamp
128924 Mission Floor Lamp
128924 Mission Desk Lamp
42787 Ironwood Lamp with Lambskin Shade
42787 Antler Table Lamp
42787 Two Tier Antler Chandelier
42787 Single Tier Antler Chandelier
42787 Small Antler Chandelier
42787 Bark Floor Lamp and Table
42787 Floor Lamp with Shelf
42787 Noble Collection Floor Lamp
42787 Floor Lamp
42787 Table Lamp

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