Solid Wood Blanket Chests

Amish Oak & Cherry offers a great selection of handmade bedroom furniture for your home! Browse through our gallery of blanket chests to find the perfect piece for your bedroom! Each piece of furniture we have is handmade by Amish artisans that are masters of their craft. Contact us to find out how you can customize your furniture the way you want it!

Bedroom Blanket Chests

153324 American Mission Blanket Chest
153324 American Mission Blanket Chest
133017 Northbrook Blanket Chest
57209 Triple Panel Trunk
104521 Gateway Blanket Chest
104521 Bunker Hill Cedar Chest
104521 Banbury Blanket Chest
102412 Imperial Blanket Chest
87459 Versailles Blanket Chest
87459 Bordeaux Blanket Chest
87459 Louis Phillipe Blanket Chest
86172 Shaker Blanket Chest
57209 Waterfall Cedar Chest
57209 Trunk with Rounded Lid
57209 Trunk with Flat Lid
57209 Triple Raised Panel Cedar Chest
57209 Shaker Cedar Chest
57209 Royal Heritage Cedar Chest
57209 Raised Panel Cedar Chest
57209 Modesto Cedar Chest
57209 Mission Cedar Chest
57209 Heritage Cedar Chest
57209 Classic Mission Cedar Chest
57209 Classic Cedar Chest
57209 Cathedral Cedar Chest
47946 Venice Blanket Chest
47946 Royal Mission Blanket Chest
47946 Palisade Blanket Chest
47946 Schwartz Mission Blanket Chest
47946 Heritage Blanket Chest
47946 Encada Blanket Chest
47946 Charleston Blanket Chest
42787 Hickory Blanket Chest
33843 Classic Shaker Collection Blanket Chest (Two-Toned)
21797 Maple Creek Collection Blanket Chest
21797 Delafield Collection Blanket Chest

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